ICE | The Israel Chemist and Chemical Engineer | Issue 6

The Israel Chemist and Chemical Engineer Issue 6 · July 2020 ·Av 5780 5 Letter from President of ICS These are challenging times for everybody, and it seems that the COVID-19 pandemic with its consequences will stay with us for quite some time, affecting every aspect of our life. From many perspectives, the year 2020 will be remembered as a “lost year.” We all hope that life will get back on track as soon as possible. Many important events have been canceled or postponed indefinitely, including major international conferences, professional meetings, joint research projects, and anything else that requires international travel. Yet, Israel seems to be in a better situation than many other countries. We were fortunate to hold the 85 th Annual Meeting of the ICS last February in Jerusalem, just before most countries closed their borders, universities and schools closed their gates, and most scientists and students had to stay at home. We were also fortunate to host an extraordinary delegation of ten professors and twenty graduate students from Yale University. More details are available in my abbreviated conference report at the end of this issue. I am satisfied that during my 12 years of service as ICS President, I have had the privilege of hosting six ACS presidents at our Annual Meetings, including Joseph Francisco, Nancy Jackson, Diane Schmidt, Donna Nelson, Bonnie Charpentier, and Luis Echegoyen. Furthermore, the relations between the ICS and ACS have recently intensified, as reflected by the signing of an agreement of collaboration between the two societies in August 2019 in San Diego. We have already started establishing an ACS Chapter in Israel, and we agreed to organize ACS-ICS joint symposia at the ACS National Meetings. We have also enhanced our relations with other national societies worldwide. It is incredible that since the establishment of the ICS in 1933, we have kept the tradition of holding annual meetings with virtually no interruption. We plan to hold the 86 th Meeting on February 2-3, 2021, at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv. Profs. Charles Diesendruck and Saar Rahav of the Technion’s Schulich Faculty of Chemistry have taken on the responsibility of being chairpersons. We plan to host there a large delegation from Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I am sure you follow the intensification of awareness about inclusion and diversity issues that affects the entire globe, including the scientific world. For example, the NIH announced that it would remove their grants from researchers found guilty of harassment and sexual misconduct. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has also taken similar measures, requiring institutions to notify the agency of sexual misconduct findings. As part of the ICS activities related to these issues, The ICS has recently established a Committee for the Promotion of Diversity and Gender Equality. Also, we joined the Royal Society of Chemistry initiative, signing the statement on inclusion and diversity in the chemical sciences: societies-statement/ Finally, I am happy to see the development of the ICE bulletin under the leadership of the Editor, Prof. Arlene Wilson- Gordon of Bar-Ilan University. I encourage you to contribute an article to the ICE on any topic you like, including popular science, history of science, reports on events, opinions, etc. Enjoy your reading, Ehud Keinan President, the Israel Chemical Society Dear Colleagues,