ICE | The Israel Chemist and Chemical Engineer | Issue 8

24 The Israel Chemist and Chemical Engineer Issue 8 · November 2021 · Kislev 5782 Profile A: Excellence in science requires a talented work force – faculty and students, a proper scientific infrastructure, up-todate instrumentation, and lab resources. To remain relevant in today’s fast growing and highly competitive international academic environment, support from government is essential. Beside excellence in basic science, academia should contribute more to functional science that leads to science-driven industrial development, while training the best graduate students who should proceed to applied research. As Chief Scientist, my intention is to promote applied research of national preference, leading to more start-up companies and licensing technologies that originate in universities and research institutes. Q: If you had a magic wand, what would you change in a) in academic life, b) in Israeli society? A: Academic research must continue to be competitive, excellent, and innovative at an international level. The universities and colleges have a role is training the sciencedriven workforce, thus, the academic ecosystem should promote applied research as a continuation or part of basic research. Efforts should be made to encourage all communities in Israel to be part of the science and technology revolution. Q: Do you have any advice for young people embarking on their career? A: Any individual who proceeds into the scientific community should choose what they would like to do for life but remain open to new opportunities. Diversification in education and job opportunities should always be considered at any time point during a scientific career. Q: How do you enjoy your free time? A: These days my free time is used for exercise and enjoying my family and grandchildren. Profile