ICE | The Israel Chemist and Chemical Engineer | Issue 8

37 The Israel Chemist and Chemical Engineer Issue 8 · November 2021 · Kislev 5782 Report Figure 5. Photos from the 2021 ICS Prize Ceremony. First two rows from left: The Excellent Graduate Students prize awarded to Angelica Niazov-Elkan of Weizmann Institute of Science (with Boris Rybtchinski), Efraim Yossef Panfil of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (with Uri Banin), Dina Rosenberg of Tel Aviv University (with Shmuel Carmeli), Abed Saady of BarIlan University (with Abed’s sister, Fatma Saady and David Zitoun), Hadas Shalit-Peleg of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (with Gonen Ashkenasy), Krishnamoorthy Sathiyan of Ariel University (with Alex Szpilman, and Tomer Zidki), Andrii Varenikov of the Technion (with Mark Gandelman), a joint photo with all seven laureates. Third row: Golik Prize to Yair Segev of the Weizmann Institute (with Yair’s Father, Moti Segev, Uri Golik and Moshe Cohen), The 2019 Tenne Prize to Adi Salomon of Bar-Ilan University (with Reshef Tenne), The 2020 Tenne Prize to Fernando Patolsky of Tel Aviv University (with Reshef