Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

15 3 TYPES OFEXPANSIONINTHE ALEXANDER KOFKIN FACULTY OF ENGINEERING NEWPROGRAM INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING and INFORMATION SYSTEMS Using computerized information about business and organizational processes as a vehicle for efficiency and growth. NEWSTUDY TRACK NEURO-ENGINEERING Using engineering techniques to understand, repair, replace, or enhance brain function. NEWSTUDY TRACK QUANTUM ENGINEERING Using quantum mechanics for the development of quantum technologies, such as quantum sensors and quantum computers. NEWSTUDY TRACK COMPUTER HARDWARE and CHIP DESIGN Designing, developing, and testing computer systemsandcomponents, and using logicandcircuit-designtechniques to develop integrated circuits. APPROVED PROGRAM DATA ENGINEERING Developing, testing, and maintaining data pipelines and architectures for use in data analysis. APPROVED PROGRAM MATERIALS ENGINEERING Developing, processing, and testing materials for use in a range of products, from computer chips and aircraft to biomedical devices. APPROVED PROGRAM SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Designing, developing, maintaining, and evaluating applications that meet advanced user requirements. Metzuyanut L’Mada, theUniversityCenter forYouth’snewestprogram, isactuallyaplayonwords: Itmeansboth“excellence inscience” and “outstanding females for sciencecareers.”Designed topromoteoutstanding junior-highschool girls’ interest in physics, mathematics, engineering, and computer science, the program combines lectures, experiential learning, and laboratoryvisits for an intensiveyet inspiringone-year experience. RunbyBar-Ilan’sUniversityCenter for Youthand funded by the Center for Future Scientists and theMinistry of Education, Metzuyanut L’Mada receivedmore than 200 applicants, fromwhich it selected 50 outstanding students for its first class. Prof. Zeev Zalevsky Tomorrow’s Female Engineers