Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

18 5 pilot cities in an ambitious initiative for diabetes Spearheaded by a lead gift from The Russell Berrie Foundation, and created in partnership with national health-management organizations, regional hospitals, and local municipalities, SPHERE: The Social andPrecision-MedicineHealth EquityResearchEndeavor is a pioneering initiative by the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine to lower the Galilee’s alarming rate of diabetes morbidity. Recognizing that themultiple and complex factors contributing to diabetes require a comprehensive, collaborative strategy, SPHERE rests on four pillars—prevent, control, care, and cure— that together capture the entire pathway of the disease. Launched in its first phase infive northern cities in the fall of 2021, SPHERE aims in the coming years to reach nearly 60 percent of the Galilee. In this way, SPHERE will not only reduce diabetes disparities between patients in the North and the rest of Israel, but will also generate neweducational, clinical, and community best practices that can improve the health of patients in geographic and socio-economic peripheries everywhere. The Russell Berrie Galilee Diabetes SPHERE