Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

24 The Center for Energy and Sustainability (CES), an interdisciplinary research and development enterprise launched this past year, is Bar-Ilan’s ambitious answer to the complexity and interconnectedness of the world’s environmental challenges. Withmore than 50 research groups drawn fromBar-Ilan’s exact, life, medical, law, engineering, and social-sciences faculties, CES harnesses the strengths of the entire University into integrated and effective solutions for the range of problems caused by climate change. Alongside facilitating collaborative research across academic disciplines, CES will serve as an authoritative source of knowledge for lawmakers tasked with setting sustainability policies. In addition, CES will encourage partnerships with industry, nonprofits, and governmental agencies to actualize research findings and commercialize technologies. Finally, CES will work to grow the country’s fledgling cleantech industry, a key to ensuring Israel’s competitiveness on a global scale—and to helping the whole world go green. 7 pathways to a more sustainable world When Bar-Ilan prepared to launch a national sustainable-energy initiative in 2019, its primary mission was the fulfillment of David Ben-Gurion’s third and final criteria for Israel’s survival, after security and water: energy independence. Yet as the full scope of the world’s climate crisis became increasingly clear, Bar-Ilan began to identify a still greater need. And from needs, as they say, arise opportunities. Prof. Malachi Noked, Prof. (Emeritus) Doron Aurbach, and Prof. Lior Elbaz The Center for Energy and Sustainability