Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

26 Together with the Faculties of Law, Medicine, Life and Social Sciences, and Humanities, the school will offer academic programs and study tracks at the intersection of the environmental, social, and economic spheres. The opportunity to pursue studies across numerous fields is expected to attract more talented students to Bar-Ilan, as well as to strengthen areas for which the University is already a national leader, including energy, environmental regulation, and marine biology. To respond to the pressing need for professionals and researchers capable of addressing the world’s environmental crises, Bar-Ilan plans to establish an Interdisciplinary School of Sustainability and the Environment in the coming year. In developing an interdisciplinary curriculum for school programs, Bar-Ilan drew upon the successful experience of its one-of-a-kind master’s in environmental regulation and governance. A joint program of the Faculty of Law and the Department of Geography and the Environment, the degree brings the fields of physical ecology, environmental economics, and law together to grant students both the scientific and theoretical knowledge and real-world tools required to address complex environmental issues. Among the 17 degrees the school will offer at the time of its establishment are a bachelor’s inmaterials chemistry, energy, and nanotechnology; amaster’s in geographywith a focus on sustainable innovation; and a master’s in environmental education. In the future, the school also plans to offer a bachelor’s in the environmental humanities, part of a growing field that explores human imagination, perception, and behaviors in relationship to the More Successful Together: The Interdisciplinary School of Sustainability and the Environment The School for Sustainability and Environment