Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

33 Reviving a failed network When complex systems like ecological, cellular, or neural networks are damaged and collapse, they often do not recover on their own. Fortunately, in a study published in the journal Nature Physics, Prof. Baruch Barzel of theDepartment of Mathematics and his co-authors showed that under certain conditions, repairs to a single component can successfully revive the whole system. Nonexistent-object drawing examples A study published in the Journal of Communication Disorder by Prof. Esther Adi-Japha, head of the Child Development Program in the Faculty of Education, found that 5- and 6-year-olds with language disorders show less cognitive flexibility on a drawing task than their peers with typical development. Cognitive flexibility is critical to our ability to adapt our thoughts and behaviors to new environments. Front cover of BrunoDurocher: l'homme auxmille visages Prof. Gary D. Mole of the Department of French Culture edited the first-ever collection of essays on the Franco-Polish writer Bruno Durocher, who became one of the most important Jewish writers in France in the second half of the 20th century. Electron microscopy of tracheal surface architecture In a research collaboration between the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine and the Galilee Medical Center, Dr. Maayan Gruber, Dr. Boris Fichtman, and Prof. Amnon Harel demonstrated the promise of a newly developed, drug-eluting endotracheal tube as a therapeutic approach to reducing tube-related airwaymorbidity. Their results were published in ACS Applied Bio Materials.