Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

44 ENJOYING ENFORCED SOLITUDE Notable mentions: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Clarin (Argentina) Studies led by Dr. Liad Uziel of the Department of Psychology found that during COVID-19 lockdowns, most people experienced benefits from the enforced solitude. The Wall Street Journal tweeted the findings to its more than 19 million followers, and renowned Harvard cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker commented on it in his Twitter feed. DIABETES AND THE GALILEE Notable Mentions: The Jerusalem Post and The Jerusalem Post podcast, TheMedia Line, The Times of Israel, Juedische Allgemeine (Germany), KAN Radio Bar-Ilan University and The Russell Berrie Foundation announced the creation of The Russell Berrie Galilee Diabetes SPHERE, based at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine in Safed. Created in partnership with national health-management organizations, regional hospitals, and local municipalities, SPHERE: The Social and Precision-Medicine Health Equity Research Endeavor is a pioneering effort to lower the Galilee’s alarming rate of diabetes morbidity. OUT OF AFRICA, TO THE JORDAN VALLEY Notablementions: Live Science (US), ArchaeologyMagazine, ABC (Spain), WienerZeitung (Austria), Audiatur (Switzerland), TheExpressTribune (Pakistan), AJN (Argentina), NTV (Turkey), Correio Braziliense (Brazil), Haaretz, Independent (UK), Ynet A prehistoric human vertebra discovered in the Jordan Valley now offers the earliest evidence of human presence in Israel. Determined to be approximately 1.5 million years old, the bone also proves the existence of different species of migrating hominins. The research was led by Dr. Alon Barash of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine together with colleagues from Ono Academic College, the University of Tulsa, and the Israel Antiquities Authority. “LONG COVID” AND A DOUBLE DOSE Notable mentions: NPR (US), The Washington Post, The Times (UK), USA Today, Nature, ANSA (Italy), Spektrum (Germany), La Vanguardia (Spain) A study led by Prof. Michael Edelstein of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine found a significant reduction in the most commonly reported, long-termsymptoms of COVID-19 among individuals infected with the virus and vaccinated with at least two doses as compared to non-vaccinated, previously infected individuals. Separately, Edelstein was interviewed by the French-Jewish newspaper Actualité Juive (France) about RIVER-EU, an international consortium he co-directs that is studying how high vaccine uptake among the Israeli-Arab population can provide a model for improved access to MMR and HPV vaccines among underserved populations. 5 6 7 8 Prof. Joshua Berman in Egypt (item 11) The University in the News