Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

46 14 days in the treatment cycle of a groundbreaking medical study withour emphasisonexcellence inresearchandour commitment to interdisciplinarity,wehavecreated an environment inwhich innovative ideas can take root and thrive, as the following grant recipients demonstrate. It is my deepest pleasure to present them to you here. Prof. Shulamit Michaeli Vice President for Research ERC ADVANCED GRANT Advanced grants provide well-established and outstanding scientists the means to pursue innovative, high-risk research with the potential for far-reaching impact. Prof. Yuval Feldman VCOMP: Generating Voluntary Compliance Across Doctrines and Nations Prof. Yuval Feldman of the Faculty of Law is developing a new conceptual model and methodology for advancing a public’s voluntary compliance with governmental regulations. Considering cultural, legal, situational, and individual factors, anddrawingon thefields of compliance, regulation, behavioural public policy, behavioural ethics, and trust and social norms, his teamwill use a combination of experimental and empirical methods to explore if, when and to what extent democratic governments can trust the cooperation of their citizens. Prof. Yuval Feldman From neural therapeutics to sex disorders and trust in governmental authority, the research projects granted funding by the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) this year have the potential to address both devastating health problems and encourage healthier societies. This is far from coincidental: Bar-Ilan actively steers its talent and directs its resources toward solutions to the world’s most intractable challenges. Combined Prof. Shulamit Michaeli ERC Grants