Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

6 Michael G. Jesselson Chairman, Board of Trustees Dear Friends, As the world is emerging out of the COVID-19 pandemic and we are adjusting to the “newnormal”, we are nowable to focus on the future and what we plan to accomplish in the months and years ahead. Nevertheless, let’s look at some of the great things we’ve achieved this past year, which you will also read about in the pages to come. • We ended last year with a balanced budget after many years of annual deficits. This was a result of a collaboration andwork between the Faculty, Administration and Lay Leadership. • We have experienced significant growth in our student population over the past 4 years (from approximately 17,000 to 20,000) becoming the fastest growing University in Israel. • We recruited 37 top new Researchers in the areas of Health, Energy and National Security who also are educating students to be leaders and innovators in their fields. • We have completed major upgrades and improvements to the infrastructure of the University including transforming 100 classrooms to “hybrid” educational classrooms which can provide digital and in-person learning. • We established a new Faculty of Education and a new Division for Teaching and Learning. This underscores the important priority we place on our students’ experience and on all students globally to better their education. • We established a new Research Center for Energy and Sustainability and the School for Sustainability andEnvironment demonstrates our commitment to addressing Israel’s and the World’s pressing environmental challenges. It is being done collaboratively across multi-academic disciplines in pursuit of solutions to this critical crisis. • Together with The Russell Berrie Foundation, the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Launched the Diabetes “SPHERE”: The Social and Precision-Medicine Health Equity Research Endeavor. This will bring diabetic care to the population in the Galilee and address the needs of the entire nation. This major Initiative will also create a newmodel of best practices and diabetes treatment for patients globally. • Four of our researchers won the prestigious European Research Council Grant, awarding us more than 25 million shekels. Their projects have great potential to improve human and social health issues. • Bar-Ilan researchers and their teams launched 12 technological startups to create commercial companies for international consumers. • The Faculty of Jewish Studies continues to add many new exciting graduate degrees in Jewish language, Art and Culture and Jewish history. • The creation of a Presidential appointee for Gender Equality and the establishment of a Presidential Office Unit to address Gender Equality and Advancement in all areas of the University. There is much to feel proud and excited about and we are seeing the impact of the good work being done under President Arie Zaban’s Leadership together with his excellent Team and our committed Lay Leadership. Working together, we look forward to many more great accomplishments to come in the future! Wishing everyone continued good health. AWORD FROMTHE CHAIRMEN