Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

63 Mr. Zohar Yinon INTEGRATION Bar-Ilan continues to develop new systems for enabling better decision-making, such as Microsoft’s Power BI. The interactive data visualization software provides a variety of dashboards and reports related to student recruitment, performance, and demographics, as well as research outputs, HR, and even classroom occupancy. By selecting different parameters and mining historical data for patterns, Bar-Ilan employees can devise strategies based on statistics and concrete evidence. EFFICIENCY Bar-Ilan is the first and only Israeli university to use RPA (robotic process automation) technology to identity laborintensive tasks that can be replaced with a digital process. By using software to handle basic and repetitive tasks instead of real people, Bar-Ilan is providing faster and better service to students—and saving its employees for more complicated, meaningful work. In addition, Bar-Ilan’s administration now uses workflow software, allowing all employees to see the status of every student’s or applicant’s request and trace its movement through all departments, units, and offices. DISSEMINATION Bar-Ilan continued the upgrade of its more than 80 different websites’ technology, infrastructures, content, and UX/UI design, making its primary digital asset more appealing and accessible. The University also introduced a new WhatsApp group with language and images tailored to the Haredi community and continues its active presence on all social media channels, including YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Finally, Bar-Ilan also added hundredsmore episodes to Bar-Daat, the University’s podcast for sharing researchers’ knowledgewith the Israeli and international public. Withmore than 200,000 subscribers, Bar-Daat is the largest and most popular university podcast in the country. UPGRADING THE UNIVERSITY Alongside digital improvements, campus structures and spaces got a serious upgrade. Classrooms, Offices, and Laboratories Bar-Ilan completed the hybridization of 100 classrooms, making them suitable for both in-person and online learning. It is also upgrading offices in the Research Authority and adding new laboratories to the Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering, critical to facilitating the recruitment of new researchers and graduate students. Buildings and Shared Spaces Bar-Ilan outfitted major lecture and conference halls for blended, in-person, and online use. It also advanced its construction of the newComputer Science Building and created a new, informal study space for the Departmentsof Physics andChemistry. InSafed, the site of Bar-Ilan’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, the University renovatedBeitKita, ahistorical structureandnewhome for the Russell Berrie Galilee Diabetes SPHERE. Light-Rail Stations In anticipation of the opening at the Bar-Ilan campus of two light-rail stations for the central district’s Purple Line, theUniversity built two adjacent parking lotswith spaces for up to 500 cars each. Bar-Ilan also soundproofed the building closest to one of the new stations to ensure that studies can continue undisturbed. Campus Landscapes Bar-Ilan is widening and re-landscaping the main entrance to campus and advanced its construction of the new Dahan Gate, a massive, aviation-inspired overhang at the Dahan Family Campus under which all vehicles and pedestrians will pass.