Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

66 DEPARTMENT OF CRIMINOLOGY Dr. Nathalie Klein Selle Forensic psychology, biological and cognitive psychology, and advanced statistics and research methods MINA AND EVERARD GOODMAN FACULTY OF LIFE SCIENCES Dr. Lior Lobel Microbial genetics, host-microbe interactions, and bacterial metabolism Dr. Chana Kranzler Biological oceanography, host-virus interactions, phytoplankton ecophysiology, viral ecology, molecular ecology, trace-metal and nutrient bioavailability, and marine bio-geochemical cycling DEPARTMENT OF MIDDLE EASTERN STUDIES Dr. Eliyahu Alshech Islamic legal thought in the classical age, modern Islamic radicalism, religious radicalism, Islamic societies and the cybersphere, and global Jihad and Salafism DEPARTMENTOFHEBREWAND SEMITIC LANGUAGES Prof. Yehudit Henshke Rabbinic Hebrew, Judeo languages, Judeo-Arabic, Contemporary Hebrew, and Mizrahi Hebrew ISRAEL AND GOLDA KOSCHITZKY DEPARTMENT OF JEWISH HISTORY AND CONTEMPORARY JEWRY Dr. Yosi Yisraeli Medieval and early-modern history, Jewish history, Jewish thought, and Jewish-Christian relations Dr. Yechiel Weizman Modern Jewish history, the history of contemporary Europe, material culture studies, social and intellectual history, cultural studies, and philosophy ZALMAN SHAMIR DEPARTMENT OF BIBLE Dr. Itzhak Amar Biblical historiography and interpretation, Second Temple literature, North African Jewry Dr. Ariel Kopilovitz Prophetic literature, Pentateuchal literature, and the history of the Neo-Babylonian period