Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

67 DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Dr. Arnold Filtser Theoretical computer science, with a focus on the analysis of algorithms, i.e., metric spaces, low-distortion embeddings, high-dimensional geometry, spanners, stochastic decompositions, approximation, data summarization, and sublinear algorithms Dr. Eylon Yogev Cryptography, with a focus on the interplay between algorithm design and analysis Dr. Reuth Mirsky Artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, human-aware AI, human-robot interactions, and plan recognition DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS Dr. Assaf Hamo Scanning single-electron transistor, scanning NV center in diamonds, interacting electron systems, and quantum sensing Dr. Maayane Soumagnac Astrophysical phenomena such as supernovae, the destruction of stars by black holes, and the mergers of massive objects DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL HISTORY Dr. Aharon (Roni) Shweka Talmudic literature, Midrash and Aggadah, Geonic and Rabbinic literature, Jewish medieval history, Cairo Genizah, and digital humanities DEPARTMENT OF COMPARATIVE LITERATURE Dr. Chen Bar-Itzhak Comparative literature, world literature, Hebrew literature, literary urban studies, urban humanities, cultural memory studies, and nostalgia AZRIELI FACULTY OF MEDICINE Dr. Ron Orbach Biochemistry and chemistry Dr. Hanna Keren Integrated, engineering control methodologies for the study of humanmood, brain, and behavior Dr. Liron Rozenkrantz Neurophysiology of conceptions, beliefs, and expectations