NETAFIM USA Landscape & Turf Product Catalog | 19 TECHLINE® RW & RWP 17mm DRIPLINE For Reclaimed Water Use. TECHLINE RW& RWP QUALIFIES FOR USE ON LEED PROJECTS Purple striped dripline TECHLINE RW Solid purple dripline TECHLINE RWP APPLICATIONS • For subsurface or on-surface irrigation with non-potable/ reclaimed water and soil loading • Reclaimed (recycled) water use • For irrigation with non-potable/ reclaimed water and soil loading FEATURES & BENEFITS UNIQUE PATENTED EMITTER DESIGN WITH P HYSICAL ROOT BARRIER Emitters prevent root intrusion without chemical reliance. PRESSURE COMPENSATING Precise and equal amounts of water are delivered over a broad pressure range. CONTINUOUS SELF-FLUSHING EMITTER DESIGN Flushes debris as it is detected, throughout operation, not just at the beginning or end of a cycle, ensuring uninterrupted emitter operation. TECHLINE RW AND RWP ARE DESIGNED FOR RECLAIMED WATER USE ONLY Reclaimed, reuse or recycled water is municipally-treated, non-potable water deemed appropriate for use in irrigation systems and not wastewater being dispersed into the soil for additional treatment. Please consult your local Water Management District for regulations regarding the type of water being used, and its proper system design. Netafim USA can provide assistance on drip dispersal that uses primary or secondary and tertiary wastewater. Please contact Netafim USA Customer Service for more information. EMITTER WITH ANTI-SIPHON FEATURE Prevents ingestion of debris into tubing caused by vacuum. SELF-CONTAINED, ONE-PIECE DRIPLINE CONSTRUCTION Assures reliable, easy installation. FLEXIBLE UV RESISTANT TUBING Adapts to any planting area shape - tubing curves at a 7” radius. For on-surface installations withstands heat and direct sun. SPECIFICATIONS • Emitter flow rates: 0.26, 0.42, 0.61 and 0.92 GPH • Emitter spacings: 12”, 18” and 24” • Pressure compensation range: 7 to 58 psi • Bending radius: 7” • Maximum recommended system pressure: 58 psi • Minimum pressure required: 6 psi • Tubing diameter: 0.66“ OD; 0.56” ID; 0.050” wall • Coil lengths: 250’ and 1,000’ • Recommended minimum filtration: 120 mesh • Diaphragm made of silicon • ISO 9261 Standard Compliance