NETAFIM USA Landscape & Turf Product Catalog | 23 12mm & 17mm FITTINGS For Techline® Copper, HCVXR-RW/RWP, CV XR, CV, DL, RW and RWP. APPLICATIONS • Fits Techline Copper, HCVXR-RW/RWP, CV XR, CV, DL, RW and RWP Driplines, and PE irrigation hose SPECIFICATIONS • 17mm acceptable hose sizes: 0.56” - 0.60” inside diameter • 12mm acceptable hose size: 0.426” inside diameter FEATURES & BENEFITS BARBED FITTINGS For secure fit and easy installation without clamps, glue or tools. UV RESISTANT Withstands heat, direct sun and harsh chemicals. ONE-PIECE CONSTRUCTION For added strength, durability and long-term performance. ALLOWS FOR EASY ON-SITE INSPECTION For proper fitting and installation. INSERT ADAPTER FOR 1” OR LARGER PE (requires 11mm or 7/16” punch) 17mm Model TLIAPE-B INSERT ADAPTER FOR 1 1/2” OR LARGER PVC (requires TDBIT16.5) 17mm Model TLIAPVC-B 12mm Model T12IAPVC-B 1/2” MPT ADAPTER 17mm Model TL050MA 12mm Model TL12050MA INSERT COUPLING 17mm Model TLCOUP 12mm Model TL12COUP INSERT CROSS (requires 11mm or 7/16” punch) 17mm Model TLCROS 12mm Model T12CROS EMITTER MICRO-TUBING ADAPTER 17mm Model TLMTUBEADP 3/4” MPT ADAPTER 17mm Model TL075MA 12mm Model T12075MA INSERT ELBOW 17mm Model TLELL 12mm Model T12LELL INSERT TEE 17mm Model TLTEE 12mm Model T12TEE 3/4” MPT x ‘V’ 17mm Model TL2W075MA 12mm Model T122W075MA COMBINATION TEE INS x INS x 1/2” FPT 17mm Model TL050FTEE INS x INS x 3/4” FPT 17mm Model TL075FTEE 12mm Model T12075FTEE MPT = Male Pipe Thread INS x INS = Insert x Insert FPT = Female Pipe Thread MANUAL FLUSH VALVE 12mmModel T12SOV REDUCING COUPLING 12MM BARB x 17MM BARB Model T12RCOUP MANUAL FLUSH VALVE Model TLSOV FIGURE 8 LINE END Model TLFIG8