26 | Landscape & Turf Product Catalog NETAFIM USA DRIPLINE COMPONENTS AUTOMATIC FLUSH VALVES APPLICATIONS • Drip irrigation systems • Clean or dirty water SPECIFICATIONS • Not required with Techline Copper and CV • Flushing water volume: approximately 1 gallon per cycle • Maximum zone flow rate per valve flush: 15 GPM • Minimum pressure required: 1.5 psi • Maximum operating pressure: 57 psi FEATURES & BENEFITS FLUSHING REDUCES SEDIMENT BUILD-UP Eliminates clogging. Promotes long-term performance of the drip irrigation system. AUTOMATIC CLEANING OPERATION Eliminates periodic manual flushing. UNIQUE DESIGN REACTS TO FLOW, NOT PRESSURE Allows operation even at full line pressure. DISASSEMBLES FOR WINTERIZATION ‘BLOWOUT’ Protects your drip system. DRIPLINE COMPONENTS INLINE CHECK VALVE APPLICATIONS • Prevents backflow of water and drainage of the system into low areas • Eliminates the need for system water refill at the beginning of the next irrigation cycle • For irrigating slopes where draining of the headers and laterals is common (13.4 feet of holdback) SPECIFICATIONS • Flow rate: 0.9 - 4.4 GPM • Closing pressure: 5.8 psi (13.4 feet column of water) • Opening pressure: 10.2 psi FEATURES & BENEFITS MANUFACTURED FROM DURABLE MATERIALS For reliable operation. LARGE INLET OPENING Reduces headloss. WIDE FLOW RANGE For use in a number of applications. IN-LINE CHECK VALVE 1/2” MPT Model TLCV050M1-B FLOW RATE (GPM) VS. PRESSURE LOSS (psi) 0.5 FLOW RATE VS. PRESSURE LOSS 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 - 0.22 0.54 0.96 1.55 2.25 2.99 4.04 - MPT = Male Pipe Thread MPT = Male Pipe Thread AUTOMATIC FLUSH VALVE INSERT INLET Model TLFV-1 AUTOMATIC FLUSH VALVE 1/2” MPT INLET Model TL050MFV-1 As irrigation starts, valve flushes out dirt particles in the open position. After flushing, the valve closes and normal system operation begins. Diaphragm in open position allows flushing.