4 | Landscape & Turf Product Catalog NETAFIM USA TYPICAL LAYOUTS SUBSURFACE DESIGN For Use with Techline® Dripline Designs. Bury Driplines Evenly Throughout the Zone from 4” to 6” Deep. Netafim offers comprehensive design details, installation information and a dripline calculator on our website, Most often used in subsurface systems. Use Techline blank tubing as supply and exhaust headers on zones under 5 GPM. SUPPLY AND EXHAUST HEADERS Use one staple for: • Every 3’ of Techline in sand, every 4’ in loam and every 5’ in clay. • Use two staples over each tee, elbow or cross. • Recommend use of a U-shaped staple that is less likely to pinch the dripline. STAPLES Start rows of Techline 2” from hardscapes and 4” from softscapes. TECHLINE LOW VOLUME CONTROL ZONE KIT For easy installation, use Netafim’s Low Volume Control Zone Kits which include a pre-assembled valve, filter and pressure regulator. • Normally placed along exhaust header or at the point farthest away from the source. • Install in a valve box with gravel sump. MANUAL FLUSH VALVE NOTES: • Add an automatic flush valve when using Techline DL, EZ or RW. • Add an air relief valve at the highest point in the system when using Techline DL, EZ or RW.