44 | Landscape & Turf Product Catalog NETAFIM USA APOLLO™ DISC-KLEEN FILTER High Capacity Water Filtration System FEATURES & BENEFITS PROVEN DEPTH FILTRATION Collects debris along the depth of the discs, not just at the surface like screen filters. MODULAR DESIGN Provides even more portability as smaller units are assembled onsite to create larger filter units reducing installation costs. WATER INLET AND OUTLET VERSaTILITY Multiple inlet and outlet configurations provide maximum flexibility. MADE OF NON-CORROSIVE MATERIALS Prevents rusting and corrosion from chemicals and weather. QUICK INSTALLATION Factory assembled and tested. Delivered ready for hook-up and immediate operation. LESS BACKFLUSH TIME REQUIRED Optimizes irrigation scheduling for uniform watering. MORE FILTER AREA Longer filters with larger discs. Saves money by reducing total number of filter units required. LESS PRESSURE REQUIRED FOR CLEANING Saves money by reducing pump size and energy costs. APPLICATIONS • For surface water containing algae and other organic materials such as reservoirs, canals, rivers and reclaimed water applications • Residential and multi-family developments • Commercial landscapes, institutional parks, sports fields • Golf courses • Large landscape installations SPECIFICATIONS • 4” drain manifold inlet/outlet connections: grooved • Maximum operating pressures:S tandard model: 90 psi High pressure model: 140 psi • Minimum pressure required for backflush: 30 psi downstream of filters during backflush • Maximum operating temperature: 158˚ F • Minimum allowable pH: 5 • Minimum operating pressure for filtration: 20 psi • Backflush flow rate @ 35 psi: 190 GPM • Includes backflush controller MATERIALS • Manifold: high density polypropylene • Filter body and cover: high density polypropylene • Discs: polypropylene • Backflush valve: nylon • Clamps and bolts: polymeric