48 | Landscape & Turf Product Catalog NETAFIM USA OCTAVE ULTRASONIC WATER METERS Highly Accurate With No Moving Parts APPLICATIONS • Commercial applications • Communicate with irrigation controllers and measures water usage for effective water management SPECIFICATIONS • Metal sizes: 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” • Metal body: epoxy-coated cast iron with flange inlet and outlet • Flow range: < 1 GPM to 1,600 GPM • Maximum working pressure: 230 psi • Fluid temperature range: 32˚ to 122˚ F (0.1˚ to 50˚ C) • Connections metal body: flanges ANSI ISO for AWWA connection standard • Connections plastic: male pipe thread with ASTM couplers • Environmental protection: IP-68, ambient operation temperature for display: -13˚ to 131˚ F (-25˚ - 55˚ C) • Display units: multi-line, programmable 9 digit LCD display • Output (optional): programmable single/dual open collector pulse output or externally powered 4-20 mA loop FEATURES & BENEFITS ACCURATE FLOW DATA WITHIN ± 1.5% Double-beam ultrasonic sensors provide highly accurate ow data and reliable operation. NO IMPELLER OR MOVING PARTS IN THE FLOW PATH Ensures unrestricted low pressure loss ows. LONG TERM PERFORMANCE Lithium batteries provide a 10 year life expectancy. Sealed and Tamper Proof IP68 Register Programmed to log and display both forward and reverse ow. Physically reversing the meter will not decrease the forward ow totalizer. INSTANT INFORMATION READINGS Flow and volume information, leak detection, ow direction, output mode, battery level, alarms and errors are viewable from a multireadout screen. UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER AND ACCURACY CERTIFICATE Each meter has its own unalterable barcoded serial number and includes a certi cate verifying ow accuracy. REDUCED MAINTENANCE Requires less maintenance for wear-prone parts commonly found in other meters. 2” TO 12” (Metal Body) HOW OCTAVE WORKS The Octave’s measurement method is based on ultrasonic, transit-time, dual-beam sensors that determines the length of time it takes an ultrasonic wave to travel the distance between the two sensors located in the meter’s body. The sensors function as both sender and receiver, each one alternating these functions so that the ultrasonic wave travels both with and against the direction of the flow. Because the ultrasonic wave travels slower against the flow than with the flow, the time difference of the two waves allows the meter to determine the flow rate. ULTRASONIC TRANSDUCERS Double beam ultrasonic sensors