58 | Landscape & Turf Product Catalog NETAFIM USA NETBOW™ Irrigation Ring APPLICATIONS • Install on-surface or under mulched areas • Wide spaced plantings • Tree planting • Flower boxes • Planters or pots UNIFORM WATER DISTRIBUTION An innovative user-friendly container irrigation ring with multioutlet emitters. Featuring Typhoon™, our superior clog resistant emitter for maximum water distribution. Specially designed for irrigating containerized crops. FEATURES & BENEFITS SUPERIOR CLOG RESISTANCE Use with Netafim Typhoon™ emitter. SPECIALLY DESIGNED MICRO-TUBING Evenly spaced emitters for higher ditribution uniformity. UNIFORM SURFACE WETTING Provides optimal rootzone development. QUICK ACTION INSTALLATION Place ring in the container, then connect the pre-cut micro tubing. PATENTED NetBow™ is patented by U.S. Design App. No. 29/709,373. MULTIPLE CONNECTION OPTIONS Connect to hub drippers: Techflow, PVC or PC or by using Dr. Zip™ with the Techline™ family of products or Uniram™. *Barbed adapter or elbow is needed for assembly with Techflow, PCJ and PC emitters. SPECIFICATIONS • Diameter: 10” (250mm) 5” (125mm) • 10” Flow Rate: 8 emitter outlets with flow of 0.53 GPH each at 14.5 psi • 5” Flow Rate: 4 emitter outlets with flow of 0.53 GPH each at 14.5 psi • The flow from each emitter outlet will be determined by the hub dripper, based on the pressure developed in the NetBow inlet. • We recommend that the flow of the hub dripper to be 0.53-2.11 GPH. If your flow is out of this determined range please follow Netafim guidelines for on-line emitter design. • Chemical and UV resistance for durability • Colored light gray for improved light reflection • Max. operating pressure for hub drippers - 58.0 psi