NETAFIM USA Landscape & Turf Product Catalog | 9 TECHLINE® COPPER 17mm DRIPLINE The Highest Performing Dripline in the Industry. FEATURES & BENEFITS CHECK VALVE High check valve holds back 8.3’ of water for distribution uniformity. ANTI-SIPHON Prevents debris from entering the emitter outlet at system shut-down. PRESSURE COMPENSATING Delivers precise, equal amounts of water over a broad pressure range. LARGE AND EFFECTIVE FILTER AREA Prevents penetration of coarse particles inside flow path. Superb clog reistance for effecient irrigation. CONTINUOUS SELF FLUSHING EMITTER Flushes debris as it’s detected. ONE PIECE DRIPLINE CONSTRUCTION Reliable, easy installation. FLEXIBLE UV RESISTANT TUBING Bending radius of 7” adapts to any planting area shape. WIDE COPPER STRIPE SHIELDS AGAINST ROOT INTRUSION • Wide stripe design makes it easy to identify the dripline as Techline Copper • Embedded Cupron® provides a layer of defense against root intrusion • Cupron® copper oxide (Cu20) technology will not wash out, wear off or leach out. Remaining effective throughout the life of the product • Cupron® copper oxide is approved for use by the EPA ensuring peace of mind POWER OF CUPRON® COPPER OXIDE ANTIMICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY Copper is used in many industries for its antimicrobial properties and is recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) as the first anitmicrobial metal. It is an essential nutrient for humans and bacteria, but in specific concentrations, it can serve as an antimicrobial agent. Cupron’s® proprietary technology is impregnated at specific concentrations to our patent-pending process ensuring it remains effective throughout the life of the product. SPECIFICATIONS • Emitter flows: 0.33, 0.53, 0.77 • Emitter spacings: 12”, 18”, 24” (24” spacing available on 1,000 coils only) • Maximum system pressure: 58 psi • Minimum pressure: 21.8 psi • Tubing diameter: 0.66” OD; 0.56” ID, 0.05” wall • Coil lengths: 100’, 250’, 500’, 1,000’ • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh • Diaphragm: molded silicon APPLICATIONS • Subsurface or on-surface Turf, shrubs, trees and flowers • Sports turf, tennis courts, golf courses • Slopes • Curved, angular or narrow planting areas • High traffic/high liability areas • Areas subject to vandalism • At-grade windows • Green walls, green roofs • Raised planters RECYCLED CONTENT Techline Copper qualifies for LEED credit 4.2 as it contains a minimum of 20% polyethylene post-consumer recycled material. LASER ETCHING Model number laser etched on dripline. MORE PROTECTION AGAINST CLOGGING The large surface area of the filter increases longevity and prevents dirt particles from settling in the dripper. 17 YEAR WARRANTY * Free of emitter plugging due to root intrusion from the date of original delivery. *See Warranty Information on page 70. COPPER