ICE | The Israel Chemist and Chemical Engineer | Issue 8

38 The Israel Chemist and Chemical Engineer Issue 8 · November 2021 · Kislev 5782 Report The 2020 ICS Prizes for an Excellent Graduate Student Seven graduate students, one from each research university received the award. A representative from every university, either Departmental chairperson or the student’s mentor, joined Keinan in awarding the prize. Angelica Niazov-Elkan (Weizmann Institute of Science) carries out her PhD research with Boris Rybtchinski at the Weizmann Institute. Her work resulted in significant breakthroughs in supramolecular materials, including developing a new class of materials based onmolecular organic nanocrystals. These materials are useful as electrodes in solar cells, photonic materials, and fully recyclable separation membranes for water purification. Her achievements offer sustainable alternatives to conventional plastics. Her mentor, Prof. Boris Rybtchinski, joined the ceremony. Efraim Yossef Panfil (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), an ultra-Orthodox Jew who grew up in Bnei-Brak and studied in a yeshiva, obtained his BSc from the Jerusalem College of Technology and then joined the group of Uri Banin. His PhD research focuses on coupling effects in colloidalsemiconductor-nanocrystal molecules composed of two core/ shell “artificial-atom” building blocks. He achieved optical measurements on individual nanoparticles where coupling effects are otherwise obscured on the ensemble level. His achievements offer potential applications ranging from display devices to quantum information. His mentor, Prof. Uri Banin, joined the ceremony. Dina Rosenberg (Tel Aviv University) obtained her BSc degree in chemistry (2014) and MSc in physical chemistry (2017) from Tel Aviv University with Yoram Selzer. Her PhD work with Sharly Fleischer focuses on coherent rotational dynamics of molecular ensembles using ultrashort terahertz and near-IR laser pulses. She explores new decay phenomena in coherently rotating gasses. Dina developed a rotational echo spectroscopy methodology and published her achievements in J. Phys. Chem. Lett., Phys. Rev. Lett. and Phys. Rev. Res. Her Department Chair, Prof. Shmuel Carmeli, joined the ceremony. Abed Saady (Bar-IlanUniversity) was born in Bu’eine Nujeidat (1992), received his BSc in medicinal chemistry from Bar-Ilan University (with distinction, 2015), and MSc (with honors) with Bilha Fischer. His PhD work with Prof. Fischer focuses on developing novel oligonucleotide probes to detect breast cancer markers. He developed several probes for the detection of target mRNA in total RNA extracted from cancerous cells. He also developed styryl quinolinium dyes that selectively stain ribosomal RNA (rRNA) in nucleoli and mammalian cell cytoplasm. Merck has recently commercialized one of his dyes. His Department Chair-elect, Prof. David Zitoun, joined the ceremony. In his absence, Abed’s sister, Fatma Saady, accepted the prize for him. Hadas Shalit-Peleg (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) received her BSc (2014) and MSc (2016) from Ben-Gurion University. She carries out her PhD work with Doron Pappo, focusing on oxidative cross-coupling of organic molecules to synthesize versatile target molecules by sustainable and straightforward means. She has expanded the program to achieve enantioselective oxidative coupling reactions, including the enantioselective cross-coupling of phenolic derivatives. She published her work in JACS, Angewandte Chemie, JOC, and Synthesis. Her Department Chair, Prof. Gonen Ashkenasy, joined the ceremony. Krishnamoorthy Sathiyan (Ariel University) received his BSc in chemistry (2013) and MSc (2015) from the National Institute of Technology at Tiruchirappalli, India, focusing on nanomaterial catalysts for methanol electro-oxidation. In 2016, he started his PhD program at Ariel University with Tomer Zidki and Dan Meyerstein, synthesizing various nanostructured materials and studying their photo- and electrochemical catalytic properties for redox reactions, such as dye-degradation and water-splitting. His Department Tenne), The Adama Prize to Irit Sagi of the Weizmann Institute (with Itsik Bar-Nahum). Fourth row: the Shahar Prize to Tsipi Maharabani (with Dani Shahar), the Dalia Cheshnovsky Prize to Mirit Kramer (with Dorit Taitelbaum, Ori Cheshnovsky, and Dani Shahar), the Dalia Cheshnovsky Prize to Shulamit Etzioni (with Dorit Taitelbaum, Ori Cheshnovsky, and Dani Shahar), the Itan Peled Prize to Noa Broder (with Michael Peled and Dorit Taitelbaum). Fifth row: the Itan Peled Prize to Gali Inbar (with Prof. Roey Amir, Gali’s father, Ran Inbar, Michael Peled and Dorit Taitelbaum), the Green Chemical Industry to Eran Sapir of Veridis Environment (with Gideon Silberman), the ICS Gold Medal to Robert Benny Gerber, Benny Gerber with his son, David Gerber. Sixth row: the ICS Gold Medal to Doron Aurbach, Doron with his wife, Sara Aurbach, the Prize of Excellence to Doron Shabat, and the Young Scientist Prize to Norman Metanis. Last row: the Young Scientist Prize to Menny Shalom, the Honorable Member award to Albert Zilkha, a group photo of Zilkha with his former students (Giora Agam, Galila Agam, Amichai Eisenstadt, David Mirelman, Ben-Ami Feit, Mati Friedkin, and Meir Lahav, Zilkha with his wife Esther, Zilkha with Meir Lahav. Photographs by Itzick Biran.