Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

32 RESEARCH IN PICTURES Reconstruction of the Ark of the Covenant Dr. Raanan Eichler of the Zalman Shamir Bible Department recently published The Ark and the Cherubim (Mohr Siebeck, 2021), which argues that the Ark of the Covenant and its two statues of cherubs were the center of the Israelite religion. Super-resolution of in-situ RNA sequencing Dr. Shahar Alon and his team in the Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering, the Leslie and Susan Gonda (Goldschmied) Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center, and the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) developed a new technology that physically expands tissues, which reveals the sub-cellular organization of genes with super-resolution. His study was published in the prestigious journal Science.