Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

65 ALEXANDER KOFKIN FACULTY OF ENGINEERING Dr. Tamar Goldzak Mizrachi Computational materials, nanoscience, theoretical chemistry, and quantum mechanics Dr. Yaara Erez Neuroscience, neuro-engineering, functional neuroimaging, MRI, neuroinformatics, and cognition Dr. Ofir Lindenbaum Machine learning, data-driven, and spectral methods; artificial neural networks; generative model;, manifold learning; signal processing; and anomaly detection Dr. Leonid Yavits Computer architecture, massively parallel processing (MPP), domain-specific accelerators, bioinformatics, and the acceleration of genome analysis DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY AND ENVIRONMENT Prof. Joel Roskin Geo-archaeology, military geoscience, Aeolian (Dune) geo-morphology, and quatermary geology Dr. Yonatan Ganot Subsurface hydrology INTERDISCIPLINARY DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Dr. Hadar Ram Social psychology, social cognition, decisionmaking, entrepreneurial learning, and investors' decision-making FACULTY OF EDUCATION Dr. Oded Meiron Neurocognition, electrophysiology, memory, psychopathology, schizophrenia, depression, dementia, and epilepsy Dr. Yaniv Efrati Compulsive sexual behavior disorder and behavioral sexuality addiction DEPARTMENT OF ARABIC Dr. Guy Ron-Gilboa Medieval Arabic literature DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL STUDIES Dr. Zehavit Levitats Public administration; emotional intelligence and public service; employee engagement and burnout; human-resource management in the public sector; career management; and career resilience Dr. Elai Rettig National security, military studies, conflicts over natural resources, energy and international politics, and environmental policy DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT Dr. Abraham Itzhak Weinberg Big data, machine and deep learning, cybersecurity and intelligence, systems analysis, and project management LOUIS & GABI WEISFELD SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Dr. Ayelet Oreg Bodily gifts (i.e., the donation of organs and bodily fluids); human-milk donations and nonprofit human-milk banks; altruism and solidarity; identities; philanthropic giving as a means of coping with trauma and loss; and philanthropy in the Diaspora Dr. Neveen Ali-Saleh Darawshy Exposure to community and family violence and its consequences on families, children, and adolescents; Arab society; cultural competence in social work; and mental-health policy Dr. Shachar Timor-Shleviny The professionalization of social work; newpublic management and its implications for public services; critical social work and social justice; the theory of practice in social work; social work with youth; and social-policy processes DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Anna Dorfman Organizational behavior, emotion, openmindedness, meta-cognition, and hierarchy and inequality Dr. Sharon Naparstek Zamler Cogn i t i ve expe r iment a l ps ycho l ogy , neuropsychology, brain imaging, diagnostics, neuropsychiatry, and big-data analysis