Bar-Ilan University | President’s Report 2022

7 Shlomo Zohar Chairman, Permanent Committee Dear Friends, Walking through campus these days, after two years in the shadowof COVID-19, one cannot help but be struck by how full of life, energy, and purpose Bar-Ilan has once again become. No doubt, this is largely the result of our return to routine after two years inwhich our realitywas upended in significant ways. Yet the fact that we have recruited 37 new faculty members, many of whom conduct research in critical STEM fields, and that we have now fully occupied our new, 1,720-bed student dormitories, are clearly contributing factors as well. These steps demonstrate that Bar-Ilan is growing, and express Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion’s famous saying that “it is not enough to be up to date; you have to be up to tomorrow.” Clearly, our decision to invest in cutting-edge research, physical facilities, and advanced educational and managerial tools are now bearing gratifying fruit. Other areas in which we have invested are now also proving their worth, namely the various business-intelligence systems that are now standard in every administrative unit. These digitized systems have improved decisionmaking and increased efficiency, and have played a key role in the University’s ability to begin this year—for the first time inmany—with a balanced budget and a reduced deficit. This fact will allow us to allocate more resources to future growth and development. As we say in Judaism, mitzvah goreret mitzvah, following one commandment leads to another. So, too, in the world of governance: As Bar-Ilan’s various committees improved their system of reporting and provided full transparency, it is not surprising that our Board of Governors has become a more active, enthusiastic, and effective body for the University. Their work this past year has helped secure important new resources and ensure its ability to become a leading educational institution, both in terms of innovation and in our commitment to timeless Jewish values. It is an honor to be a part of the University’s exciting progress, the impact of which will be felt not only in Israeli society, but also around the world. It is an honor, too, to work together with the University leadership, global network of friends, and inspiring Council of Trustees and various committeemembers on behalf of the vital cause that is Bar-Ilan.