NETAFIM USA Landscape & Turf Product Catalog | 27 DRIPLINE COMPONENTS TECHLINE® DL & EZ OPERATION FLAG DRIPLINE COMPONENTS TECHLINE® HCVXR & CV MISTER OPERATION INDICATOR SPECIFICATIONS • Fogging rate: less than 2.0 GPH, creating a moistened area approximately 2’ outward from nozzle • Check valve: opens at 22 psi, closes at 10 psi • Fogging nozzle maximum flow rate: 2 .0 GPH at 60 psi • Pre-assembled with fogging nozzle, check valve, anchoring stake, tubing and barb connector FEATURES & BENEFITS FOGGING NOZZLE EMITS A FINE MIST Indicates system operation and minimum required system pressure. CREATES A MOISTENED AREA SURROUNDING THE FOGGER Showing zone operation. OPERATION Techline CV emitters open at 14.5 psi line pressure. Techline Copper emitters open at 21.8 psi line pressure. Indicator stake’s check valve opens and activates the fogging nozzle at 22 psi line pressure. TECHLINE COPPER AND CV MISTER Model 10-CV-01 SPECIFICATIONS • Down flag position (closed): 4.5 psi or lower • Halfway flag position (45˚): 7 psi • Upright flag position (90˚ or open): 10 psi or higher • Pre-assembled with indicator flag, anchoring stake, tubing and barb connector FEATURES & BENEFITS FLAG RAISES TO INDICATE SYSTEM OPERATION With just a minimum of 10 psi operating pressure. OPERATION FLAG Model 10-F-01